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Journey of Self Realization

A whole new dimension of experience opens up as we learn to touch and communicate with you in a manner that honors your uniqueness and body type. The experience then becomes a context where your true nature can blossom and unfold. Inevitably, this is what each one of us seeks.

Welcome to a journey of self realization...

Our wide range of luxurious treatments are tailor made through a diagnosis to further customize product selection and treatment for your body nature and for the optimizing better results.

We present a journey of self discovery...


Perfection from SwitzerlandSWISS BEAUTY

In 1938 as the company founder Mila Opitz first began to manufacture and sell a biological face cream, no one had any idea that she was laying the basis for the impressive career of this Swiss cosmetic company. The Mila d’Opiz vision is to provide people with the means of making them feel good about their skin.

A brand is a promise, a promise to the clients and to the future. The brand values of Mila d’Opiz Switzerland define the promise ever higher Quality, Naturalness, Modernity, Care and Beauty.

Quality has always played a central role for Mila d’Opiz. It shows in the product itself, in the high value ingredients and their formulation. Mila d’Opiz is synonymous with the highest quality. Naturalness is also central to Mila d’Opiz. It is given meaning through the active ingredients and raw materials used and the production procedures employed. Naturalness can also be seen in the way Mila d’Opiz listens to the wishes of the customers. This, together with the highest quality standards are the reasons why Mila d’Opiz is so trusted by professionals.

Try Mila d’Opiz skin care, your skin will cherish.that goes under the skin...

75 minutes I 1500 AED

Eternal youth… a dream come true with the innovative Skin Whisperer beauty care! A revolution on your skin with the powerful anti-ageing complex and plant stem cells. This treatment increases the collagen and elastin production in your skin, promotes firmness, reduces wrinkle-depth and gives you smoother and rejuvenated skin.

75 minutes I 1000 AED

A first class anti-ageing treatment that targets the prevention of photo-ageing and hormonal ageing. The treatment will reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles, strengthen the skin tissue and deeply nourish to correct early signs of premature skin ageing.

75 minutes I 850 AED

The combination of exclusive black caviar and highest quality argan oil has an highly efficient effect on your skin. These natural ingredients restore and nourish the skin, slowing down the ageing process. The treatment will stimulate skin regeneration and protect the skin cells from free radicals.

60 minutes I 700 AED

This treatment helps to reduce pigmentation disorders and to even your skin tone. The natural oils nourish, regenerate and soothe your skin. The micro-circulation in your skin will be stimulated and will leave you with a clear, healthy glow.


60 minutes I 700 AED

A true energy booster for your skin! The treatment protects, energizes, soothes and deeply hydrates. The Vitamin-complex increases your skin’s resistance against environmental influences, providing anti-oxidants. Your skin will be deeply hydrated and soft to touch.

60 minutes I 500 AED

This innovative treatment offers deep cleansing of the impurities and removal of dead skin cells. The oil production is regulated and normalized, and your skin will be intensely hydrated. Irritated or reddened skin will be soothed, reducing skin inflammations.
You will enjoy the clearer and fresher complexion!

30 minutes I 250 AED

A customizable, rejuvenating skin resurfacing treatment that immediately reduces the look of lines, wrinkles, acne, hyper pigmentation, congested pores and uneven skin tone. ! Choose your favorite skin boosting serum from our concentrate bar.

60 minutes I 400 AED

Hydrate and smooth your skin. It’s all about your sparkling skin that deserves regular care to maintain its freshness and elasticity. Keep your natural moisture levels balanced thanks to the concentrated apple serum; forms a moisture store that nourishes the skin and protects it against moisture. Replenish the skin with natural ingredients.



Swiss French spa line launched in 1991, Pevonia spa care bases its philosophy on the use of exceptional natures finest marine and botanic organic resources and advanced manufacturing processes, innovative holistic spa treatment to deliver outstanding visible, professional results and an unsurpassed experience. Pevonia placed in the healing hands of expertly trained, highly educated skin care specialists. These skilled professionals administers outstanding skin care treatments to spa guest around the globe.

30 minutes I 245 AED

Have little time?
You still have time to get pampered with this facial, designed for the person on the go. Enjoy the soothing steam and a perfect blend of cleansing, customized mask, toning and moisturizing, Unwind and relax.

60 minutes I 480 AED

Not certain of the facial that’s best for your skin?
Let our aesthetician design one for you. Feel the soothing steam as your skin is deeply cleansed with enzyme exfoliation, extractions if needed and a customized treatment mask. Your therapist will tailor make your Facial treatment according to your skin type & concerns.

75 minutes I 580 AED

This is a deep pore cleansing facial, including an enzyme peel with steam to melt away impurities. Light extractions are performed, followed by an ampoule, complimentary mask, and moisturizer to balance and rejuvenate your skin. All Skin types- ask your therapist about the choice of high active ampoules to suit your skin concerns.

75 minutes I 780 AED

Pamper and protect your skin with this high-tech, medically formulated Vitamin C. Designed to promote change in your skin and to reduce the signs of sun damage and aging, this facial will hydrate, nourish, and protect your skin with its vitamin enriched, anti-oxidant formulation. It creates a more even, firmer and radiant complexion.

75 minutes I 980 AED

This amazing treatment revitalizes, hydrates, and firms the skin through a synergistic blend of rich botanicals. Vegetable extracts, crushed pearls, and marine caviar are layered together for deep penetration, resulting in a firmer, youthful, glow. Includes a luxurious Caviar Hand & Arm Massage.

Beauty Room

Beauty Room

Black Head Removal 50 AED


Full Arm 40 Minute 100 AED
3/4 Arm 30 Minute 75 AED
Half Arm 15 Minute 55 AED
Under Arm 15 Minute 55 AED
Full Stomach 25 Minute 85 AED
Half Stomach 15 Minute 55 AED
Full Back 30 Minute 95 AED
Half Back 15 Minute 65 AED
Full Chest 25 Minute 80 AED
Half Chest 15 Minute 50 AED
Bikini Line 15 Minute 55 AED
Half Bikini 25 Minute 75 AED
Full Bikini 35 Minute 100 AED
Half Brazilian 15 Minute 115 AED
Full Brazilian 35 Minute 150 AED
Hollywood 40 Minute 160 AED
Full Legd 40 Minute 115 AED
3/5 Leg 30 Minute 105 AED
Half Leg 15 Minute 80 AED
Full Body Wax 1 Hour 15 Minute 400 AED
Full Body Wax with Brazilian 1 Hour 40 Minute 535 AED

Threading / Waxing

Eye Brow 15 Minute 50 AED
Upper Lip / Lower Lip /Chin 15 Minute 35 AED
Side burn 15 Minute 35 AED
Half Face 15 Minute 70 AED
Forehead 15 Minute 45 AED
Cheeks 15 Minute 50 AED
Chin 15 Minute 30 AED
Nose 15 Minute 20 AED
Neck 10 Minute 25 AED
Full Face 30 Minute 130 AED
Full Face with Eye brows 45 Minute 150 AED
Eye Brow Tint 15 Minute 60 AED



30 Minutes I 100 AED

A gloriously relaxing yet invigorating experience. Let our therapist iron out the stress and strains of life as she massages the scalp – one of the main tension holding sites of the body in the traditional style.

30 Minutes I 100 AED

To have the pain eased away in neck and shoulder can be a source of great pleasure. The massage with aromatic oils relieves your tension build ups in the neck and shoulder.

30 Minutes I 100 AED

Gentle stroking up to the legs is helpful for tired legs. The oil is well absorbed to the tissues, gives curative effects of the oil used and strengthens the nerves.

30 Minutes I 120 AED

A good back massage can help relieve lower back pain .After a strenuous work out or sitting at desk all day your back muscles are likely to be tense from overuse or repetitive use. Let the therapist work these muscles and ease the tension away.

General tips:

  • Allocate a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your treatment to allow yourself ample time to change and get ready. Arriving late is a breach of etiquette and will shorten your service.
  • Remember to turn off your mobile phones to enjoy a tranquil environment for complete relaxation.
  • If you have any health concerns, please inform our therapist before going for a treatment. Please inform him/her if you are pregnant or have any allergies, heart problems or have any medications, or any recent surgeries that may hamper the treatment process.
  • A 4 hour cancellation notice period is required to avoid being charged 50% of a scheduled appointment.
  • Please do not bring any valuables or jewellery to the salon. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items.
  • The salon will provide towels, slippers and disposable under garments during your treatment. We do ensure your complete privacy and modesty throughout your time with us.
  • Our salon environment is one of tranquility and relaxation. Please respect our peaceful ambience as well as privacy of other guests.
  • Please remove any contact lens before treatment to prevent any injury to the eyes.
  • You can purchase our Products & Gift Vouchers from the reception.

Have a wonderful experience!!!